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Toshiaki Kinesuka: 35 Years as an Organic Tea Farmer in Japan-Part 1

Toshiaki with his wife Kazue and their three (adult) children Ayumi, Tamiko and Kazuki run a small, 2 hectare, completely organic, tea and orange farm, just outside the town of Fujieda. in the Prefecture of Shizuoka about 200 kms south east of Tokyo. This amazing interview, with one of the pioneers of the global organic farming movement was conducted in January 2011, just before the Fukushima quake hit Japan.

In this first of two videos, with the help of his farmer daughter Ayumi, Toshiaki shares his story of why and how he became an organic farmer and of some of the amazing insights he gained from this unique experience. 

Toshiaki Kinesuka: 35 Years as an Organic Tea Farmer in Japan-Part 2

In this second video, once again with the help of his farmer daughter Ayumi, Toshiaki talks about Japan's organic farmers, 'Nouminren' the Japanese Family Farmer movement and the challenges they face in the future…before the quake…

Young tea farmer talks about her 
family's organic farm

Ayumi Kinezuka is an amazing young woman, who has been farming on her father's tea farm for the past 8 years.  In this first video, Ayumi talks about the importance of her family's connection to customers, the difficulties her father had 35 years ago in transitioning the farm from chemicals to organics, and the advantages of being organic and of connecting with other farmers to market their products.


Why I became a farmer!

In this second video, Ayumi Kinezuka shares with us the reasons behind her decision to return to her father's organic tea farm and become a farmer.  From her studies in psychology and sociology to her decision to take what she has learnt and ... go back to the farm -  Ayumi's story is truly inspirational.

Young japanese farmer connects others to the land as she learns about rice production!

Ayumi Kinezuka has a great passion to involve others in the farming experience.  In this third video, Ayumi talks about how she is learning to produce rice, and in doing so, invites other people to join her in her journey, from the planting to the harvesting.  This story is more than just about producing rice, it is an impressive story about success through sharing and connecting.